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Meet our founder

A recurring lesson I have learned while battling chronic illness is that your health has to come first. I believe in the importance of taking your health into your own hands, which means seeking care that works for you as an individual.

As a society, we should be addressing more than just the physical side of health. That is why my mission is to share my journey through my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health–to inspire you to care and advocate for your own health as a whole.



My intention is for other women struggling with their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health to know they are not alone on their journey.

My intention is for individuals suffering from invisible chronic illnesses to know their story matters, their voice needs to be heard and their pain is valid.

My intention is for other humans to understand and empathize with those of us battling invisible chronic illnesses.

Image by Clarisse Meyer


I vow to use my platform to create positive strides in the community, to support other women suffering from reproductive health issues, to fund infertility treatments and connect families through adoption across the globe.

I vow to leave behind a legacy that normalizes the importance of healing the whole self. I vow to embody my best life, despite what challenges my health may bring. I vow to take back my power from my chronic illness.